love yourself and spread the

The luxury entertainment requires hard work and professional attitude.
Creating luxury entertainment’s formulas is an Art.
My ability of entertaining and involving people relies on years of artistic experience and it includes several activities:
  • the talent of perceiving the market’s trends, thanks to my study of people requirements and taste;
  • the wide network necessary to realize a specific project;
  • the smooth and natural ability of creating strategies of communication;
  • the technique in organizing a perfect event
My experience in the the luxury entertainment environment relies on:
  • continuously checking reviews and updates;
  • interest in every form of communication: politic, social, religious, economic and marketing;
  • study of international communication’s disciplines thanks to my trips and to the events I organized in several countries in the world.
What I did with “LOVE” is the tangible proof of my career’s achievements.
  • With “Love”, company specialized in events and strategies of communication, I have:
    • created efficient strategies and organized events in Italy, US, France, UK and Spain;
    • realized projects in the art, design, music and fashion worlds;
    • organized cruises (Lovebeatboat).
  • With “Love Me Ibiza” ( company specialized in Real Estate and Luxury Concierge, I offer exclusive services to a very elitist client’s circuit.
  • With “InList” (, an “APP” that is very innovative and international, I can take care of reservations for the most exclusive parties and events in the world with a simple “click”.