love yourself and spread the

The “business network” man

I started working as a PR when I was very young, discovering my abilities and improving my skills over the years.
I dedicated time and energies to my education, studied hard to specialize in Communication’s and earned 3 degrees in different fields and a master degree.
When ready and experienced, I created a company specialized in strategies of communication and “luxury entertainment”.
The name of my company is Love.
LOVE is not just a company.
It’s a brand that represents a universal message and embraces a wide and innovative project of communication.
Love is: the event, the exclusive accessory, the musical production, a week end in a glamorous spot in the world, the cruise, the party everyone is waiting for, a skiing holiday, etc.
Love means success, aggregation, communication, contacts, trends, business network.
Love speaks an International language and it is understood by everyone: successful entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities and VIPS, culture people, creatives and artists.
Love is the business network language.
It is a channel for everyone and everyone can benefit from it.
I’m capable of discovering talents, create synergies between worthy parties, propose ambitious projects and make them happen.
I’m a strong believer in successful partnerships and shared achievements.
I work within the Art world, along with private and public companies. My activities include creation, production, management, organization, marketing and specific services.
I am capable of creating and coordinate complex relations and I take care of every step of the interaction and communication for each and every specific project until it becomes a successful goal.
My job is to create a business network.
I live between Miami, Ibiza and Milan and travel for work and personal leisure and culture. I absorb everything that is worth and positive. I’m motivated and I’m constantly looking for new inspirations and energies.
My abilities and my role are not definable.
My wildest wish is to be always moved by what is around me and to be true to myself. That is why I chose this job and the only possible brand to define me:

  • Pioneer of ideas and challenges.
  • My key word: LOVE.
  • My mission: always communicate a positive message.
  • I believe in my dreams... Do you?