With food-culture witnessing a boom, there has been a sharp rise in the number of party-goers looking forward to buy experience rather than things! As per a survey, 87% people elucidated that they would only consider visiting a food & drink event if it is ORIGINAL. So, my dear friend, just doing away with regular food menu and a couple of libations won’t help. 

Here is my definitive list of do’s and don’ts to let your foodie event make a one-of-a-kind appeal in the food and beverage market: 

Exclusive VIP Treatment

It is not necessary that only big all-inviting events make headlines. My idea of a grand food & drink event is to cater to the taste cravings of people in an elegant manner, even if the percentage of the attendees is not high. Providing special discounts to the “early birds” can help you to raise big awareness about your event and let you provide special service to your selected guests at the same time. 

Exceptional Venue + Menu 

Your creativity is your ultimate friend in need to craft an unforgettable event. I have organized an infinite number of world-class luxury events for many years, and in each single luxury event, my aim remains to come up with innovative venues and designing ideas each time to help the luxury event I organize create a niche space for itself in the event market. Thus, look for inimitable venues such as vineyards and backyards to give your foodie event a unique identity apart from events organized in commercial spaces. Also, don’t forget the menu since it is the staple ingredient in your recipe to cook a perfect foodie event. Search for new and audience-enticing recipes as people are more likely to attend a foodie event if it promises to offer them dishes having flavours different from the foods they usually eat in daily life. 


Don’t let your guests leave the venue without a token which would help you to be a part of their discussion even after they have left the event. Muffins, chocolates, candies, patties and cupcakes are little delicacies you can give as takeaways to the attendees. 

An exclusive foodie event stays in the memory of the participants even after leaving their stomachs – so, make sure to make yours memorable.