2016 is the year of going futuristic in so many areas including fashion, so it is also time for entertainment to get technologically high with the party season just around the corner. If you are hosting or throwing a party that you want to be remembered as the party of the year, then try any of these technological additions to take high-end socializing to another level. Here are the undisputed high-end entertainment trends:



Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg earlier in the year released the Oculus, a virtual reality headset that allows for a more personal reality through special lenses. They are all the rage now, transcending just gaming and geek-related activities and moving into the party reality. Your guests will get the opportunity they haven’t experienced before when they get to touch reality through their senses and the virtual world. They would make a great addition to the high-end entertainment trends.



Drones have been notorious for invading the private lives of some of the top international celebrities, but these very stars and socialites love to have drones accompany them on parties for a 360-degree view of all the fun happening around. They are actually better than having professional photographers around, as you can take the most personal moments with friends and party revellers. Club organizers can live stream the rave of the summer to other audiences on the Internet and those on land, keeping up with high-end entertainment trends.



No more is HD enough when you want the highest-octane fun at your parties – only Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) equipment will do. If you’re throwing or organizing a dance party, the main theme has to be the music – and party hubs like Ibiza are known for being the home of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and their clubs regularly deliver tracks from the world’s top DJs spinning melodies that keep you on your feet for high-end entertainment trends.



A party’s ambience is further magnified with the use of wide screens that keep guests entertained while they dance, eat and drink the night away. The great part about wide screens is that you can televise anything from a live stream to a party that is taking place at another location, to music videos and the scenery around the club itself. Also, if you’re hosting an award ceremony, or another type of gathering where someone at a distance has to be viewed by the audience, like a DJ perched on a stage, or an awardee giving a speech, these screens can play a great part in providing a more cutting-edge experience.


Party organizing is going further than just catering and a flowing bar. The best parties include the latest trends and provide customers with an experience that stays in their minds long after the party is done. You want a party to indulge all the senses that a person has for an all-round fun time.