When you think of bringing people together to have a good time and leave withunforgettable memories, hosting a party to remember is the way to go.Most of us have attended dozens of dos in our lifetimes, yet what separates thesecommon gatherings from the “Event Of The Year”? Here are some expert tips to host memorable parties that serve their purpose of happy invitees leaving with asmile on their faces and love in their hearts. We give you Expert Tips To Host Memorable Parties:

The Guest List

You need to know who’s going to be on your guest list. If you plan on calling “thesuits” over, then you might want to host a sit-down dinner or cocktail party. Onthe other hand, party animals will want the music loud and enough legroom todance the night away. Also, check if the invitees on the list know each other, getalong with each other or are the types who like to mingle and make new friends.If an eclectic mix of people will be attending, then your theme should be awelcoming one, with each person feeling like they are being well taken care of.

The Ambience

When people party, the first thing on their minds is to have a good time. So,eliminate all factors that remind them of their mundane daily lives. That meanshiring a venue that caters to the type of event you are hosting. Imagine thedifference between throwing a shindig at a hall as compared to partying in aworld-class club with great audio technology and a stage for the musician of thenight. Make sure the lighting is bright enough for people to find their wayaround, but dim enough to not make them self-conscious. Trust us, you will needthese expert tips to host memorable parties.

The Catering

There are a dozen diets as there will be guests at your event. Some like certaintypes of meat, some eat only vegetables, while others may be allergic to the basicingredients. To solve the issue, provide a menu that clearly states the food thatwill be catered, along with the ingredients included. When it comes to alcohol, agood party is always one where the spirits flow abundantly. If you want to makeyour gathering a memorable one, ensure that is a gastronomic affair like noother.

The Music

Will your guests be talking business, or are they looking to make new friends andparty till dawn? Music is always a good thing – something that makes you happyand fills the gap between conversations. Depending on the type of gatheringyou’re holding, you may want to either keep the audio in the background or highenough for everyone to be on their feet till morning. Accordingly, organize forthe best acoustics and a sprawling dance floor.

The Security

You want to take care of your guests from the time they enter until they leave.Offering valet services is a classy move that most high-end parties offer. If thereare going to be any famous faces, then you would want to make sure that noparty crashers or intruders make their way into your venue. Parties can benotorious accessory theft, as well as misbehavior from some excited guests, so inorder to protect the ladies and make sure that everyone has a good time,providing bouncers and security cameras will ensure that your guests feel safewhen attending your party.

So, before you host your next do, use these expert tips to host memorable parties.